General Guide to Buying Babies and Kids’ Clothes

Babies and Kids are very delicate and sensitive, and they grow at a faster rate than adults. That’s why at our webstore KiddieKuddle.com we provide high-quality clothes with a wide range of size and colour options to make sure that your baby and kid get the clothes that will be safe on him/her with the right colour and size for him/her.

Here’s our advice on picking the appropriate size when buying clothes online for your baby and kid. First, if you know exactly the right clothes size for your baby and kid from the size options provided at the store, then go for it. However, we normally recommend that you pick a one size bigger just to make sure that when you receive the item, it won’t disappoint from being very small or very tight, and even if the size you received was a bit bigger, you would actually be able to use and enjoy it on your baby and kid for a longer period.

Also, we recommend that –especially for occasional clothes- you order the clothes 2-4 weeks before the occasion to be ascertain that your order will be delivered to you prior to the occasion. So make sure to check the estimated shipping time for your country and destination in the “Shipping & Delivery” section.

We are always here to provide help and assistance to make your online shopping experience excellent and enjoyable as well as providing peace of mind when purchasing from our webstore KiddieKuddle.com. Therefore, if you have any kind of questions and queries relating to buying clothes or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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